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Clinical Features

Dentrix Imaging Center

Are you wasting time getting your images into Dentrix? Dentrix Imaging Center handles all your imaging needs as a universal imaging solution that automates image acquisition and streamlines operational workflows. Trust Dentrix to be the hub that manages all of your images and imaging devices.

Clinical Features

Health History Module

Knowing more about patients and their medical conditions can help you customize and expand clinical care. With the new Health History you can add as many Allergies and Medical Conditions as needed (not limited to 64). Plus, you can track patients’ emergency contact, primary care doctor, preferred pharmacy, current medications, and color-coded critical alerts.

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Appointment Management

Appointment Book Update

Wish you could easily open the schedule on a day you're normally closed? We’ve updated the Appointment Book to use the Open Office feature to quickly open a day that is usually closed.

Business Management

Month End and Task Scheduler

To compete with the threat of corporate practices, you need to operate at peak efficiency—from the first patient communication, through clinical treatment to billing and re-care. With Month End and Task Scheduler, you can schedule all of your month-end tasks and reports to run automatically, without having to close out of Dentrix.

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Business Management

Dentrix Pay

Natively integrated patient payment systems can expand how and when your practice gets paid. Dentrix Pay allows you to automate recurring payments, charge patients right from the Ledger “Enter Payment” window using EMV (Chip) credit cards, debit cards, or accept NFV (Mobile payment applications) for seamless credit card payments in Dentrix.

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Business Management

ERA (eEOB) Improvements

Are you sick of manually adding payments from paper EOBs? Improvements to our insurance workflows make it easier to post payments received from insurance (ERAs) in bulk. Easily make adjustments when posting, auto-populate check and trace numbers, automatically save ERAs and much more

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