Expand your care with Dentrix G7

Dentrix is continuing to make strides at improving the
database workflows and software testing requirements
for the updated versions of Dentrix. With the latest version
of Dentrix G7, your office will be able to run faster
with a more reliable Dentrix system. Along with improving stability, G7 offers new features that will help improve
your office’s collections, clinical workflows and patient experience.

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Learn what steps Dentrix is taking to release more reliable and stable versions of the Dentrix solution.

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Business Management

Fast, Easy Upgrades

The latest version of Dentrix gives you the ability to control auto-updating of your Dentrix system. Turning this option on will allow you to easily keep your Dentrix system up to date, while reducing staff frustration from having to schedule and execute upgrades throughout your office.

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Business Management

New Reporting Module

We are starting to update our Reporting module with more updates coming in later releases. During this first phase of updates, we have added the Practice Assistant report into the module and updated it with a more modern look.

Business Management

New Claims Manager Module (Beta)

Our new Claims Manager module lets you view all claims within one module, saving you time. This new module also comes with new interactive aging report capabilities to help you track where your money is more easily.

Business Management

QuickBill Text

With QuickBill Text (a feature of QuickBill Premium), you can securely send your patients electronic statements via text messages with the ability to pay now. Payments received are then automatically routed to your office’s ledger within Dentrix, helping to improve the simplicity of your collections workflow.

Business Management

Automatic Online Payment Import

Automate your online payment process by allowing QuickBill and other online payments to be automatically posted to the applicable patient’s ledger.

Business Management

RCM Dashboard

The new RCM Dashboard gives you quick access to the totals and statistics for the Payments and Billing eServices used within your practice. This new dashboard can be easily accessed through the Ledger and Electronic Statement Submission History window of Dentrix.

Business Management

Request to Pay (A Feature of Dentrix Pay)

New Dentrix Pay functionality allows you to request patient payments via text message directly from the Dentrix Ledger. You can also control how accepted payments are posted back to the ledger — automatically or manually — after you review and import.

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