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Dentrix has made and will continue to make strides
to improve the database workflows and software testing
requirements for Dentrix updated versions. Starting with
G7.6 your office will be able to run faster with a more
reliable Dentrix system. Along with improved stability, G7 offers new features that will help improve your office's
collections and clinical workflow.

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Learn what steps Dentrix is taking to release more reliable and stable versions of the Dentrix solution.

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Business Management

Dental Saving Plans

DentalPlans.com is now integrated with Dentrix allowing you to enroll your uninsured or underinsured patients into a Dental Savings Plan right in your office. By upgrading your office to the latest version of G7, you can quickly verify patient eligibility and increase your case acceptance rates with on-the-spot enrollment. You can also see which plans your practice already participates in and request free patient marketing materials to further grow your practice.

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Business Management

Insurance Estimate Improvements

Easily process, track and review insurance claims.

Insurance Estimates now show partially paid claims and procedure code allowed amounts. Find Remaining Estimates for partially paid claims directly in the claim window. The Itemized Payment window now allows you to review how amounts were calculated and make faster updates to Paid and Allowed Amounts.

Business Management

Silent Updates

Free up your time while reducing the frustration of having to schedule and maintain your Dentrix system upgrades.

Clinical Features

Dentrix Imaging Center

Are you wasting time getting your images into Dentrix? You can automate image acquisition and streamline operational workflows with Dentrix. This universal imaging solution handles all your imaging needs so you can trust Dentrix to be the hub that manages all of your images and imaging devices.

Clinical Features

Updated Gender Field

Improve the patient experience easily by accommodating patients who may require a third gender option in their chart.

Clinical Features

Claims Status Notes

Tracking status and making edits to the claim status is now much faster and easier for your staff, helping save time.

Clinical Features

Adjustable Font Sizes

Change the size of text throughout various modules, making finding the important information you need during a patient visit easier.

Clinical Features

DDX Lab Integration

Improve your imaging workflows with the new automation tools in Smart Image 2.5.8 that integrate lab case management.

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